How to Make Your Own Lip Scrub

DIY lip scrub


Dry, cracked, peeling lips. There’s nothing cute about that. Lip scrubs are great to use when you want to bring your lips back to life, minus the roughness. Buying them just seems unnecessary when you can make a lip scrub at home with some simple ingredients!  I’m sharing a recipe to make your own lip scrub with a few ingredients you probably already have! Watch the video below to see how to make your own lip scrub, step-by-step.


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DIY Lip Scrub


  • 1 Tbsp Sugar
  • 1/2 tsp olive oil
  • vanilla extract
  • food coloring
  • small jar or container



  1. In a small bowl, measure out the sugar and olive oil and stir together so they’re well blended.
  2. Add a drop or two of vanilla extract and stir. This is to add flavor – you can use other flavors if you wish like cherry extractmint extract, or even bubblegum flavor!
  3. Add one or 2 drops of food coloring if you want a fun color! Mix well so the color gets evenly distributed. I used this set of gel food coloring in neon colorsand made purple, teal, and hot pink lip scrubs.
  4. Scoop the scrub into a small jar or container to store it. I found the perfect-sized jars at Bed Bath & Beyond in the travel area!

How to Use

Now you have a lip scrub to keep your pout soft and pretty! To use your brand new scrub, take a little bit and rub it on your lips for 10-15 seconds. Rinse (or lick) off and follow up with a lip balm for moisture and hydration. Make larger batches to give as gifts or keep them all for yourself! May your lips always be soft and crack-free!


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