Kids Craft: Tissue Painted Canva

Kids Craft Tissue Painted Canvas

“Painting” with tissue paper is not only fun but beautiful!

This craft requires bleeding art tissue instead of regular wrapping tissue. This specialty tissue can be found in craft stores. This project can be completed freehand with scissors or more structured with paper punches. 

Cutting shapes of tissue paper

With scissors, cut up bleeding art tissue into random shapes.

Fiskars Hexagon Squeez Punch punching tissue paper

With punches you will need to feed multiple sheets of tissue paper through the punch at the same time. Single sheets of tissue are too soft to punch alone. You can also feed a sheet of printer paper through with the tissue. Punches work well with older children, or for younger children you can punch the shapes ahead of time.

Paint the canvas with water fairly evenly

 Paint the canvas with water fairly evenly.

Layer the tissue paper shapes randomly covering the wet canvas.

Layer the tissue paper shapes randomly covering the wet canvas. Once you have your paper on, let it dry to create a defined result. (sample on bottom right photo)  If, however, you would like your painting to have a softer feel, use your paint brush and add more water to the top of the papers.  This will create a more diluted result.(sample on bottom left photo)

Fiskars Hexagon punch tissue paper on a canvas

The ink will stay on your fingers most of the day, so wear protective gloves if desired. Once dry, remove the tissue pieces to reveal your masterpiece.

Kids-Craft-Tissue-Painted-Canvases finished canvas art

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