Easter decor

Easy Baker’s Twine Easter Eggs Tutorial


1.  Pick a cheap plastic Easter egg in a similar color as your baker’s twine.   The egg will inevitably show through in places so it’s best to have them close.



2.  Hot glue the end of your baker’s twine to one end of the egg.  Allow to dry.



3.  Apply mod podge part-way down the egg and begin wrapping the baker’s twine.  No need to pull it super tight.  Some close-yet-loose winding will do the trick.



4.   Continue mod podging and wrapping until you reach the point where the egg begins to taper again.



5.  After a few frustrating attempts at wrapping the egg continuously from one end to the other, I began to realize it is almost impossible to keep the twine close and even when going from the fatter part of the egg to the skinnier.  It works like a charm from skinny to fat, but vice versa?  Fuggetaboutit.   I finally figured out that I needed to just cut the twine mid-way down the egg and begin again from the other end. 



6.  Mod podge and wrap until you meet the other half of your wrapped twine, trim it off and snuggle it down in there.  After taking this photo I adjusted the twine a little to make the gaps less noticeable.



7. Repeat with desired colors and end up with a basket full of baker’s twine cuteness!




Pin Image below for later!

Baker's Twine Easter Eggs DIY Tutorial - Easy Easter Decorations


 Happy Easter crafting!



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